2023 will be the year of retirees! They will receive a cash payment of 7000 TL on one condition! Additional service to all retirees!

The campaign, which can benefit millions of people, regardless of SSK, Bağ-Kur or retired civil servants, has come to an end. There is only one condition for retirees who want to receive an additional payment of 7 thousand 500 liras to their salary. If an application is made by tomorrow, 7 thousand 500 liras are entitled to a promotion. Here are the details on the subject…

PTT AVM and Tarım Kredi Market made people smile with the discounts they made on sunflower prices. With the start of the new year, these two markets, which have made new increases, have started discount opportunities for those who want to shop economically and buy products at prices below the market. In this direction, Turkish Grain Board (TMO) offers its customers a limited amount of 5 liters of sunflower oil for 135 liras. Those who hear this price flock to the markets.

PTT AVM and Agricultural Credit Market campaigns made people smile

Discount opportunities that make the citizens smile continue. The prices that PTT AVM and Agricultural Credit Markets keep below the market make customers smile. Discounts on many products were also made on Sunflower oil, which is the most used in households and has increased in price recently. If you want to buy sunflower oil at a discount, you can take advantage of the discounts offered by these two markets.