20 success items in life (filtered by history)

GeneThe three ask at every opportunity:

how in lifeyou will be successful”

SYou should wait for a government where the questions will not be stolen!” you can’t say.


500 TLif you have
“Get in line at home for TOKİ!”
neither can you say;

especially “The government changed the constitution. If you are over 18, try to become a member of parliament!”

if hiYou cannot say ç.

Although both have constitutional rights, they may take it as a joke and get angry.

Yet a You have to say things.

Nasreddin Hodja

A subtle life lesson like this is futile:

Genea sneeze is like a sneeze. suddenly gappears with noise. It seems like it will never end. To everyone ‘bless you’

it says. But It will end in a very short time.”


GWe have millions of young people floundering in the mind-boggling circumstances and conditions of our reputation.

economic and socialunfortunately, they can’t promise much.

still baThe lucky few who have found a job to their liking do not give up on their dreams of making a career.

GeneIt is your duty to give a bookish, if not theoretical, answer to even one of your internal readers or former students.


The recommendations of a book that has become a fixture on the bestseller list in England for a while may be of use to them.

book dHe determined the common virtues of 100 outstanding personalities who achieved great success in the history of the world.

Among these 100 personalities, only us Suleiman the Magnificentdon’t cryn
Architect Sinan

there is.

baamong the criteria “living a long and healthy life”

foundIt must be because, unfortunately, on this list Mustafa Kemal Atatfear

not includeds.

The top 10 are ranked as follows:

Leonardo da Vinci,
William Shakespeare,
3) M
architects and engineers of the pyramids in Irre, 4) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,
Sir Isaac Newton,
Thomas Jefferson,
Alexander the Great,
sculptureshave Phidias,
Albert Einstein.

Here is what was determined by examining the lives of 100 outstanding personalities in history. Ba in Life20 Important Elements of Song”:

Very high achievements can only be achieved with a very high level of imagination and willpower.
aptYour success in your job is determined by how much passion and love you hold on to that job.
Belief: You can overcome the obstacles that will come your way with the belief in your heart rather than intelligence and knowledge.
devotion: As soon as you are fully committed to your work, your luck and providence will come into action.
Planning: reach the goalIn order to prepare short, medium and long-term instruments in advance, it is essential.
Persistence: Edison from electricity He conducted five thousand separate laboratory experiments to produce light. You can’t achieve serious success without showing at least one out of 100 similar perseverance.
Lesson from Mistake: Are there mistakesThey are the stepping stones on the road to the south.
h to the subjectdominance: It is not easy to overcome obstacles if you do not have all the possible knowledge in the field you are working on.
mental capacity: memory, createPersistence, thinking power and speed are the three most basic elements that can glorify your success.
dream gtip:
You must have the ability (the mind eye) to visualize the victory (victory) in the mind. This way you get results faster.
positive attitude:
All of the behaviors that are the leaven of success, which is also called “the ability to produce and load positive energy” in contemporary language.
Internal dialogue: Self-criticism or the state of being ready to reckon with oneself at any time.
The ability to sense the metaphysical that can come into play at the point where perceptions (and all data) end.
Belonging: to the targetsIt is to interact in absentia with certain thinkers, scientists or artists, theoretically, practically, or emotionally while producing.
exemplary personality:
every ba
There is and should be a secret hero inspired by the glorious man in his heart or mind.
Dintegrity: baThe true light that illuminates the path of love is honesty.
Bravery: Fear and hesitationÜt is the ambush on the road to success. In order not to be ambushed, you must destroy the fear at the beginning of the road.
You should be able to see things and events from different angles and generate new formulas-results from them.
love your job:
Do not forget for a moment that the seeds of productivity are hidden in this love!
Energy: Physical, emotional and even sexual energymust be reproduced while being produced. You can only achieve this with this triple interaction. After all, this is the essence of life, of success.

(Buzan‘s Book of Genius and How to Unleash your OwnTony Buzan
STANLEY PAUL. 1994, London UK.)

These elements
for perfect results
toIt must be applied in coordination and harmony.

Or test sAs in the exams, four wrongs lead to more than one direct.

ba in lifeYour song is either left for another spring, or if your heart is holding it, either a power or a congregation-cult elder’s torpedo..