20 Billion Dollars Investment Completed Its Preparations for Realization in Adana! All Signatures Have Been Signed, The Route Has Been Determined!

SASA Polyester or SASA, which is preparing to realize the production of propylene, which will be an important step for the growing Turkish industry every day; made the necessary preparations for its new investment. The road map to be followed by SASA Polyester, which has provided the supply of a significant part of the land within the framework of the Special Industrial Zone in Yumurtalık, from this year until 2032, has been announced, phase by phase.

Announcing its completed preparations after the incoming statements, SASA shared the details of the Adana Yumurtalık Petrochemical Facilities investment project, which is based on an investment of 20 billion dollars, with the public. It was also learned that SASA Polyester, which will meet 40 percent of the propylene need it has completed, will save Turkey from the import problem. Here are all the details of SASA Polyester’s investments…


Having completed the procurement of a significant part of the land within the framework of the Special Industrial Zone in Yumurtalık, SASA determined the road map that was eagerly awaited. SASA Polyester, which has come to the last step for a part of the land, stated that it will take action after the emergency expropriation decision is made.

SASA Polyester, which is learned that it is planning to lay the groundwork as of the second half of this year, also announced that it has increased the investment amount of 11.8 billion dollars allocated to the project. Thus, the new investment amount of SASA Polyester became 20 billion dollars.


An explanation regarding the plans of SASA Polyester came from İbrahim Erdemoğlu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Erdemoğlu Holding. According to this statement; SASA, which plans to realize the 1st phase, PDH and polypropylene production facility with a capacity of 1 million tons, a paraxylene and aromatic production facility with a capacity of 2 million tons, and a port between 2023 and 2026, also made a statement regarding other phases.

  1. Between 2025 and 2028, which is the next phase, SASA Polyester’s PDH and polypropylene production facility with a capacity of 1 million tons, SAP with a capacity of 200 thousand tons, 2-EH with a capacity of 100 thousand tons, ACN with a capacity of 300 thousand tons, PTA with a capacity of 1.6 million tons and 700 thousand tons. The information that MEG production facilities with a thousand-ton capacity will be put into practice was among the statements of President İbrahim Erdemoğlu.


The integration of SASA Polyester, which will pass to the last phase after the first two phases, will be completed in the 3rd phase with the refinery facility with a capacity of 12 million tons between 2027-2032. Within the same phase; 2 million tons capacity 2nd phase aromatic and paraxylene, 700 thousand tons capacity MEG production, 1 million tons capacity polyethylene and 600 thousand tons capacity PVC production facilities will be put into practice.

In addition to all these, SASA has completed all its preparations to establish a propylene production facility with an investment of 1.5 billion dollars in the field of Yumurtalık investment with Honeywell UOP. Having obtained the necessary licenses in this regard, SASA Polyester also announced that a technical service and warranty agreement was made.

40 percent of the need will be met

On the other hand, SASA Polyester is expected to be completed in the first half of 2026. The production capacity of SASA Polyester, which will contribute 1.2 billion dollars to the turnover after completion, will be 1 million tons of propylene.

This production capacity, which will significantly reduce Turkey’s imports, will meet 40 percent of the need with 1 million tons of propylene, of which 2.5 million tons are imported annually. Of course, this welcome is extremely important because it comes from a national source.