2 million dollars aid from the USA for mine clearance in Karabakh

US$ 2 million demining aid for Karabakh

US Department of State, Armenian and Azerbaijan announced that it will provide 2 million dollars aid for mine clearance activities in the regions where intense conflicts took place in the Karabakh war between the forces of Karabakh.

In a written statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “The United States is pleased to announce $2 million in aid for demining operations in areas affected by the intense fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces in the South Caucasus in autumn 2020, in order to promote regional peace and cooperation.” expressions were used.

According to the news of AA; The statement stressed that landmines and unexploded ordnance in the conflict zone continue to kill and maim civilians, hinder economic development and prevent the safe return of displaced communities.

Your assistance, USA“The new US financial support will strengthen the technical capacity of demining agencies to clear deadly mines and unexploded ordnance. These efforts will help strengthen human security and enable displaced communities to return to their homes and live their lives,” the statement said. It plays a critical role in ensuring they rebuild safely.” evaluation was made.

In the statement, it was not specified in which country and specifically in which regions the aforementioned aid would be used to clear mines, or to which organizations.

However, Azerbaijan Armenia It continues its activities to clear the mines laid by Armenian forces in the Karabakh region and surrounding provinces, which it liberated from the occupation.


It is estimated that there are hundreds of thousands of mines laid by the Armenian army in the liberated areas.

Mine clearance activities are carried out by the Azerbaijan Mine Clearance Agency (ANAMA) and the engineering units of the Azerbaijan Armed Forces. The Ministry of Emergency Situations, Border Services Command and Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) Special Mine Search and Clearance (OMAT) teams also contribute to these activities.

Since the victory of the Karabakh war, dozens of Azerbaijani citizens and soldiers have lost their lives and more than 150 soldiers and civilians have been injured as a result of the explosion of mines laid by the Armenian forces during the occupation period.

Armenia delivered the maps of 92 thousand mines laid in Fuzuli and Zangilan provinces, and 97 thousand mines laid in Aghdam, in return for the Armenian nationals detained in Azerbaijan.

Later, the Yerevan administration gave all the mine maps to the Baku administration in return for some Armenian soldiers in the hands of Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijani officials declared that the maps provided by Armenia had 25 percent accuracy.

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