2. Elizabeth’s funeral… Erdogan: If the program allows, I will attend the ceremony

Creation Date: September 09, 2022 13:59

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan answered journalists’ questions after the Friday prayer. Regarding the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, President Erdoğan said: “I sent my condolence message on social media. We also have programs. If the programs allow, I plan to attend the ceremony.”


President Recep Tayyip Erdoganperformed the Friday prayer at Kerem Aydınlar Mosque in Üsküdar. President Erdogan After the prayer, he answered journalists’ questions.

Speaking about the captured DAESH terrorist, President Erdoğan said: “This person is someone who has been registered by the USA as a senior executive in DAESH and has performed these duties from the Ministry of Justice to the Ministry of National Education. And both our Intelligence and Interior Ministry finally caught them. It was brought to court today. After the dispatch, the judiciary will do what is necessary. We had the National Intelligence, the Ministry of Interior, and even the Armed Forces, which carried out the most determined and widest operations in the world regarding DAESH. The West has not had a healthy operation or struggle against DAESH until today. They’re just talking about this stuff. There is nothing else they do. Of course, we are waiting for the decision of the court. I think that decision will actually be a message for the steps to be taken. This determination of ours continues within the borders and outside the borders. I hope that the world will take our determination in this fight against DAESH,” he said.


President Erdoğan said, “Unfortunately, the wrong steps taken by the United States regarding the SDF continue to this day. They call it the Syrian Democratic Forces, it’s a camouflage. The USA sent and still sends thousands of trucks of vehicles, equipment and ammunition to these terrorist organizations. Not only did they cooperate with the coalition forces in Syria, they did the same in Iraq. In addition to these weapons and ammunition supports, they also provide serious training support at the point of training. I also said it last night when I was on the plane; UN If I have the opportunity to meet with the President at the General Assembly, I will talk to him about this issue there as well,” he said.

2. Elizabeth's funeral... Erdogan: If the program allows, I will attend the ceremony


Speaking about the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, who lost her life, President Erdoğan said: “We sent our condolence message on social media. Of course, we also have programs and so on. If the programs allow, I plan to attend the ceremony. But the whole point is to match it with our own programs. Because it’s not someone I don’t know. We had two meetings at Buckingham Palace. I hope that if we get the opportunity, we would like to attend this ceremony as well.”



Speaking about the F-16 relations with the USA, President Erdoğan said: “During our meeting with Biden in Madrid, he said he would give all the support he could. He took a positive approach to F-16s. And he hinted that the Republicans didn’t seem to support it. Then my Minister of Foreign Affairs had a meeting in Bulgaria with an authorized person from the Republicans. And they expressed to themselves that they wanted the support of the Republicans on this issue. They also said that as Republicans, they can give the necessary support to Turkey. I hope that America will not lead us to different paths in this relationship. I mean in different ways, it’s not just America that sells warplanes in the world. England sells, France sells, Russia sells. It can be obtained from anywhere. And for this, there are those who signal us.”


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