2 days left for those with a business bank account! Those who have a bank account within this period should apply.

Banks have started to be preferred quite a lot with the credit campaigns they have made recently. In particular, citizens who have an account with İşbank can use a 36-month term loan with a term of 36 months, up to 50000 TL, with the new consumer loan campaign they will receive through internet banking applications. After this loan news published on the official website of İşbank, it was announced that those who will apply within the last two days will be given a loan payment on the same day. In these loans, which you can use with low interest rates, people with business bank accounts will be given priority and low interest loans will be used.

What are the bank loan application requirements?

Citizens who want to use consumer loans, if they want to make transactions through İşbank, are required to have a bank credit score of 1350 and above. Citizens who are individual customers can apply for loans, especially if they are working under insurance or if they are retired. Individual citizens, if they want to get consumer loans, can participate in the campaigns where they can do their transactions within 5 minutes without going to the branches.

Business bank loan application

If you want to apply for a consumer loan through İşbank, a loan facility is provided for you through internet banking applications to complete your application. By making their applications within two days, the bank will quickly provide consumer loans to the citizens who will use loans, and these approved loans will be deposited into our accounts within the same day. If people who apply for a consumer loan from İşbank use the job mobile application, they can make their loan applications more easily from here and receive the payment of 50000 TL on the same day without proof of income. We would like to say that people who will use loans in loan applications to be made through İşbank can immediately get consumer loans through the business mobile application.

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