2 brothers killed 10 people

WALL – In the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, two brothers committed a massacre. In the statement made by the Saskatchewan unit of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, it was stated that Damien Sanderson (31) and Myles Sanderson (30), who are thought to be brothers, attacked people with knives in 13 places on Sunday morning, starting from the James Smith Cree Nation region and the city of Weldon.

RCMP Saskatchewan Spokesperson Rhonda Blackmore said at a press conference in Regina, the capital city of the state, “According to the initial determinations, 10 people died in the attacks. 15 people were taken to hospitals with injuries. We think that there may be those who were injured and went to the hospital by their own means. What happened in our state today is terrible. Let me be frank, still. “We’re looking for two suspects. We ask residents of Saskatchewan and neighboring states to be vigilant.” she said.

Eyewitnesses stated that 3 transports were made by ambulance helicopters in James Smith Cree Nation.

According to AA, the RCMP and local police forces asked the public to be vigilant and not go out unless necessary. The RCMP warned, “Do not leave a safe place. Be careful when allowing others to enter your home. Do not approach suspicious people. If you are driving, do not take hitchhikers.”

In the social media posts of the RCMP, it was stated that a ‘dangerous persons alert’ was issued to find the suspects, and the expression was “We requested that the warning be extended to the provinces of Manitoba and Alberta, since the suspects were fugitives.” (NEWS CENTER)

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