18 thousand TL loan opportunity for everyone who applies! A 3-month non-refundable loan opportunity has arisen! Popular campaign from Halkbank

Public banks came to the rescue of those in need of cash. After the loan interest rates were updated, a general purpose loan campaign was launched for all retired, civil servants and minimum wage earners. This consumer loan, which is given with a grace period of 3 months, is transferred to the accounts as 18 thousand TL without interest. Here are the ones who are curious about consumer loans in our news.

While the interest rates of the loans given by the banks were increasing day by day, the citizens began to suffer. Thereupon, consumer loans came from Halkbank, Ziraat Bank and Vakıfbank. This campaign, which grows like a knight for those in urgent need of cash, offers low interest rates. It is possible to benefit from the campaign via mobile phone without having to go to the branches. Here are the details of the research of citizens who want to take consumer loans…

Consumer Loan from Halkbank to Customers

Halkbank continues to offer campaigns to citizens in need of money. Consumer loans are given to retirees with a minimum of 5 thousand TL. It provides services to citizens with a 6-month maturity for those who want to take a loan of 18 thousand TL.

With a loan amount of 18 thousand TL, the interest rate of the loan is 1.55 percent, the monthly payment is 3,206.69 TL, and the total amount to be repaid is 19,240.14 TL.

Halkbank consumer loan

What is Fast Loan?

Halkbank, which offers a loan of 10 thousand TL according to the individual needs of the person, offers 36 months maturity opportunity, while applications can be made through individual internet branch, dialog or mobile banking. You can easily apply for a loan over the phone without having to go to the branch of the bank and transfer the money to your account. Credit policies are realized by applying for a loan of at least 1 thousand TL and a maximum of 10 thousand TL. As a result of the evaluations, examinations can be made from the section below the applications from the Halkbank Retail Internet Branch and Mobile Branch by using the mobile phone via SMS. During the use of the loan, Life Insurance can be made and the loan can be completely terminated with interim payments.

Amount and Payment Terms

When taking a loan of 10 thousand TL, monthly installments of 415.53 TL are made, while the number of maturity is considered as 36 and an allocation fee of 55 TL is paid and an interest rate of 1.89 percent.

How to Apply for a Loan by SMS?

A short message is displayed to 5724 by typing CREDIT, TR Identity Number, Date of Birth, Monthly Income in the SMS section, leaving a space between them.

Ziraat Bank Consumer Loan Campaign

Loan amount: 24.001 TL

Number of terms: 36 months

Installment amount: 977.92 TL

Interest rate: 1.79 percent

Annual cost rate: 30.9501 percent