18 million dollars support from Galatasaray management!

According to the news of Hürriyet newspaper; President Dursun Özbek’s ‘Strong management, strong Galatasaray‘ with the goal of 6-person Sportif A.Ş. Increasing the number of members in the Board of Directors to 12 was successful in a short time. 12-person Sportif A.Ş. The Board of Directors purchased 34 flats from the project, which was exhausted on the night of the launch and generated a total revenue of 1 billion TL.

President Dursun Özbek’s ‘Strong management, strong Galatasaray’ formula gave full results. Dursun Özbek, who broke new ground in Sportif AŞ Management after taking office, increased the number of members from 6 to 12 in the board where football is managed with the idea of ​​’Strong Galatasaray’. This move of Özbek was also successful. As a matter of fact, Galatasaray Sportif A.Ş. in the Leo Residences project, in which the yellow and red club earned a total revenue of 1 billion TL. It turned out that the Board of Directors contributed $ 18 million.

Uzbek personally bought the last 4 flats

The new managers of football, the flagship of Galatasaray, also put their hands in their pockets for the club. The newly appointed Sportif AŞ Board members purchased 34 flats from the Leo Residences project. While President Dursun Özbek’s purchase of the last 4 apartments on the launch night was applauded, it was revealed that the 12-piece table behind the scenes made a great contribution to Galatasaray. It was stated that Erden Timur, who worked hard for the project, provided great support to Galatasaray by purchasing 11 flats.

6 administrators also contributed 14 flats

Metin Öztürk, the second president of the flats with an average price of 500 thousand dollars, also made a significant contribution to the project by purchasing 5 flats. Together with Nihat Kırmızı, who also took charge in the previous period, Sportif A.Ş. 6 administrators, including GSYİAD Chairman İbrahim Hatipoğlu, Mustafa Aktaş, Maruf Güneş, Fatih Demircan and Azeri Emil Imanov, who have just joined the Board of Directors, bought a total of 14 flats. Galatasaray’s 12-man Sportif A.Ş. management contributed to the significant income obtained by purchasing 34 apartments from the project, which was sold out on the night of the launch.

Who bought how many flats?

Dursun Ozbek: 4
Metin Ozturk: ​​5
Erden Timur: 11
Ibrahim Hatipoglu: 2
Nihat Red: 3
Emil Ivanov: 2
Fatih Demircan: 2
Maruf Sun: 2
Mustafa Aktas: 3