14-kilometer queue at the Russia-Georgia border crossing


Russia After President Vladimir Putin announced partial mobilization in the country on September 21, Russians continue to leave the country in panic.

While Russia’s attacks on Ukraine continue, the Russians, who do not want to be in the middle of the war, will be transported by road. Georgiapasses to. The Russians, who left the country after the declaration of partial mobilization, formed a 14-kilometer queue at the “Upper Lars” Border Gate on the Russia-Georgia border.

The long queue at the border crossing and traffic It took about 40 hours for some Russian citizens to cross into Georgia.

Due to the density at the Upper Lars Border Gate, hundreds of trucks using the Georgian highway as transit, including Turkey, Armenia and many other countries, had to wait for hours.

On the other hand, Russian citizens do not hide that the first reason for leaving their homeland was war. Some say they came to stay and live in Georgia, while others say they will go to different countries through Georgia, settle there and then take their families with them.



In a statement made by North Ossetia, a Russian state, the density at the Upper Lars Border Gate was mentioned, “There is a long queue of vehicles to pass through the Upper Lars checkpoint. About 2,300 cars are waiting at the border. The State Highways Inspectorate advises citizens not to go outside the borders of the Russian Federation. ‘ statements were made.

“It would be a wise decision for Georgia to close its borders and not allow Russian tourists, at least in the short term. It is very dangerous for war-age men to enter this small but important ally,” said U.S. House of Representatives Member Adam Kinzinger on his social media account.