12 Days Left Hurry

An announcement was made on the official websites of the banks for citizens who received their pensions through Ziraat Bank Vakıfbank and Halkbank. Ziraat Bank shared a general purpose loan campaign announcement on the official websites of banks for citizens who receive their pension through Vakıfbank Halkbank. You have received a loan response from the banks regarding the 50000 TL consumer loan, which you can get by making your application within 12 days through your pension account. After the applications you have made through your pension account, people who will need cash can use 50000 TL, and 12 days are left for payments.

Application via Ziraat Bank Vakıfbank and Halkbank:

It has been announced that in these campaigns, which will be held for retirees in need of cash, for citizens who want to receive cash payments of up to 50000 TL, a 3-month postponed loan will be provided quickly.

In these campaigns initiated for citizens who receive their pensions through public banks, the people who will use consumer loans will be given a loan result within 5 minutes, and a 36-month general purpose loan will be given immediately.

If you make your application within 12 days, you can use consumer loans through your pension account through Ziraat Bank, Halkbank and Vakıfbank. Ziraat Bank Vakıfbank Halkbank, which will make transactions quickly for the citizens who will make their applications, also makes transactions with a 3-month delay to those who will use cash loans in these campaigns. In order to close your bank loan debts, banks, while giving you the opportunity to quickly use consumer loans, were told that if the people who will use the loan transfer their pension to this bank, they will also receive a retirement promotion and an overdraft account.

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