11 billion TL returned to citizens… An investigation has been launched against electricity companies, their defense will be taken

After the start of the Russia-Ukraine war, some countries took new measures against cost increases against the rising energy raw material prices. The maximum settlement price mechanism (AUF), one of these measures, started to be implemented in Turkey in April as well. It was extended for another 6 months in October. When the system was commissioned by EMRA, it was shared with the public that it was aimed that the increase in the cost of imported energy raw materials such as natural gas and coal, due to the global developments, would not disrupt the supply security. At the beginning of the AUF process, bilateral agreements made in accordance with market conditions within the scope of the resource-based support mechanism were exempted. These agreements, which include obligations to the consumer; It was signed at a fixed price and also protected consumers against extraordinary cost increases. In this context, the producers were informed to present these fixed-price and end-consumer agreements to EPİAŞ, the market operator, and bilateral agreements were secured.


EMRA examined the realization values ​​of the prices and quantities of all the agreements declared in the system. As a result of these investigations, it was learned that he detected price movements contrary to the system. It has been revealed that some of the costs that should reach the end consumer within the scope of AUF are incorrect and some are deliberately declared to EPİAŞ as untrue. In some notifications, it was explained that it was determined that the gain to be provided to the consumer within the scope of the AUF was prevented by the later changed agreement prices and amounts. It was emphasized that these price movements, which may occur due to reasons such as production-consumption imbalance, production facility failure, network problems, will be corrected by the relevant companies and necessary refunds will be made.


Maximum settlement prices determined by EMRA; The increases and decreases in costs are followed and updated. As long as the Support Fee applies, the AUF is free-standing according to the energy (fuel) source. electricity determines how much income a power plant will generate in the market. The system envisages meeting some of the cost gap of power plants generating electricity from high-cost sources from low-cost power generating plants. The difference between the prices in the free market and the maximum settlement prices is collected in the resource-based support pool as the ‘support price’. The income generated in this pool is used for the electricity consumption of all regulated consumers, thus protecting consumers from increases in the market. Officials said that no power plants were shut down with the AUF and that there was no problem in energy supply security. Authorities also say that consumers are protected from price movements caused by extraordinary cost increases in international markets.


EMRA11 billion liras, which the companies that are determined to make the said mistakes or deliberately try to manipulate the market, put in their coffers with untrue statements, are given to the consumers by the companies. RETURN will be done. It is stated that this price will directly reflect on the bills of the consumers. Reminding that the money to go into the pockets of the citizens was confiscated due to these transactions of the companies, the experts reminded that the return of 11 billion liras should not be perceived as a discount, but that the AUF contributed to the increase that was not made at the beginning of January. Experts also noted that this situation will reduce the cost. Approximately 3.2 billion liras of 11 billion liras will be returned by Limak and IC İçtaş, approximately 2.3 billion liras of Bereket Energy Group, approximately 1.8 billion liras of KOLİN Energy and 1.2 billion liras of ODAŞ, a total of 40 companies. It was stated that EMRA started an investigation process regarding these companies, and it was learned that their defenses will be taken in the coming days.