10 suggestions against exorbitant dues

one- If you are going to buy or rent a house, be sure to get information about the dues in advance. In this period when rental house prices are on the pocket, some of us change their preferences for a difference of 500-1000 liras. After moving, he sees that the advantage provided in rent disappears with high dues.

2- When buying or renting a house, the ‘management plan’ should be read. Because the plan specifies how the dues will be collected. For example; If there is a statement that ‘every house shares the fee equally’, the person living in a 1+1 flat may have to make the same payment as the person living in a 3+1 flat. In addition, the opportunities offered on the sites will also give you a clue. Factors such as a large social facility (pool, Turkish bath, gym), large landscape area, 3-4 different entrance gates indicate that the number of personnel will be high and the expenses will be high. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that in most of these types of sites, in addition to the dues, a separate bill comes for the water and heating of the common areas.


3- Many people learn about the dues hikes by incoming message or mail. However, these increases are determined at the general meetings. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to attend the general assembly. Tenants can only participate with the power of attorney of the landlord, otherwise they have no such right. Let’s summarize what can happen when you do not attend the general assembly with the following example; You live in a complex of 600 residences. 301 representatives have to attend the first general assembly. A majority cannot be achieved due to low participation in general. This time, the second committee is held and the majority requirement is not sought. When 60 people attend the meeting in the 600-person site, the majority of the attendees (31 people) can decide on the site management and dues.

4- The meeting was held and the decision was taken. You have the right to appeal these decisions. After the decision taken, those who do not attend the general assembly can file a lawsuit at the Civil Court of Peace within 6 months and within 1 month after the meeting date. If you think there is corruption or irregularity, you can file a lawsuit.

5- If you do not think that there has been any irregularity, but if you want to object to the increase rate, you should request an extraordinary general meeting this time. 1/3 of the owners can come together and discuss the savings measures. The abandonment of some services received, the management of the site by the owners instead of the professional management company may be on the agenda.


6- The most important detail that landlords and tenants should know is this: The landlords are responsible for some expenses in the site or apartment, and the tenants are responsible for others. Expenses are divided into operating expenses and investment budget. The tenant is responsible for business items such as the salary of the employee on the site, common area invoices, etc. However, the items that will remain as fixtures are not from the tenant, but from the house. from the owner required. For example, if the elevator will be completely changed, if the building will be insulated, the property owner will meet this. Although the renter’s salary is the responsibility of the tenant, the severance pay is paid by the landlord.

7- Another problem experienced in large housing projects is empty houses. Although some management companies think that because the houses are not used, they will not be paid dues, but this is not true. Owners of these houses must also pay dues. Expenses incurred by them cannot be reflected to other owners.


8- A person living on the site cannot refuse this expense by saying that I do not go to the pool, or the person sitting on the ground floor is not exempt from the maintenance of the elevator. However, it is not obligatory to participate in the expenses incurred later, for luxury or for the use of some owners. For example, if a baby-child care room with a babysitter is desired to be built within the site, it is not obligatory for floor owners who do not have children to participate in this expense. In addition, it is noteworthy that some sites have recently offered options to the owners. For example, the social facility is kept separate, and those who use it and those who don’t make different payments. Due to the increasing dues, many residents want this model to come.

9- Another critical issue for tenants is this: The fee cannot exceed the rent. For example, the tenant who pays 2 thousand liras for a 1+1 flat does not have to pay 2 thousand 500 liras dues. The owner pays the difference.

10- It is possible to file a lawsuit against those who do not pay their dues, or to carry out enforcement proceedings. For unpaid dues, a monthly delay compensation of 5 percent is received.


Ali Emre Erişen, the Founder of the site management system Apti, said that there were great losses due to the management of the sites by incompetent people and businesses. Indicating that more money was collected from the municipal budgets in the housing estates with thousands of residences, Erişen noted that serious losses were experienced sometimes through malicious and sometimes unconscious expenditures. Some boards of directors dues Stating that he did not pay and receives honorarium, Erişen said, “This is actually a normal situation. Because dealing with site management is a really difficult job. But the problem is not to use these rights and deal with the site,” he said. Stating that they have been able to serve 300 thousand residences in 1 year with the online platform they have established, Erişen said, “According to the research we have done through our application; The highest fee for Istanbul is 8 thousand 640 TL, the lowest fee is 380 TL. The highest dues in Ankara are 3 thousand 650 TL, the lowest 285 TL. In İzmir, the highest dues are 4 thousand 170 TL, the lowest dues are 430 TL,” he said. Stating that they monitor the expenses within the site with artificial intelligence and save money with the measures taken, Erişen said, ‘Where is this money spent?’ He added that they answered the question.