1 liter Sunflower oil 99 TL, the area lived

With the war between Russia and Ukraine, the price of certain food products skyrocketed and reached absurd figures. Oil prices, one of them, are among the most researched topics by citizens. There is good news for citizens chasing discounted opportunities. With the last campaign, 4 liters of oil started to be sold for 99 TL. However, everyone can benefit from the campaign only once. Don’t miss the opportunity! Here are the details of the giant campaign…

After rising oil prices, citizens began to search for discounted products. Although a certain amount of discount is made, the citizens are not very happy with it. Making statements on the subject, President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan said that there would be discounts in Agricultural Credit Markets. Currently, 5 liters of oil is sold at 135 TL in Agricultural Markets. In a campaign launched today, 4 liters of oil is sold for only 99 TL. Anyone who misses this opportunity will regret it! You have only one right. Here are the details of the campaign…


According to the campaign launched in Trendyol Market, 4-liter Yudum branded Sunflower oil decreased from 174.90 TL to 139.90 TL. At the same time, it was stated that a discount will be given to those who will shop here for the first time.


On the other hand, in Trendyol fast market, a 4-liter sip of sunflower oil is offered for sale for 99 TL in a special basket for first purchases. However, it can only be purchased once per account. It will also need to be the first purchase of that account.



Since fats are located in the structures of cells, tissues and organs in the human body, they are nutrients that must be taken in order to sustain life and perform various functions of the body in a healthy way.

On average, 18% of the adult human body is fat. Generally, women have more body fat than men. When a person eats more than he spends, the body fat rate increases, and when he eats less than he spends, it decreases. Therefore, body fat is the main energy store of man. When the energy source is not taken enough, the fat store in the body is used.

  • Fat is the most energy-giving nutrient.
  • Some of the vitamins are taken into the body with fat.
  • Since fat leaves the stomach slowly, it gives a feeling of satiety.
  • Subcutaneous fat controls body temperature and prevents its rapid loss.
  • Some of the building blocks of fat are necessary for the production of certain hormones that are effective in the regular functioning of the body.

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